I am constantly searching for the identity of ceramic art in the modern world. In contemporary art a vast range of materials are now used to explore ideas that cross territories which have few boundaries. Yet the identity of ‘ceramic art’ in my view, ramains best represented through clay and glaze.


Working with the hands rather than machine can provide a strong emotional response to a ceramic work: subtle interruption of surface, manipulation of form, intervention with glaze and suggestion through colour. All take away from the recognisable regularity of form to create something fresh and new.


As my work evolves, I experiment with the character of the clay and glaze. Clay can be broken, torn, stretched, exploded or collapsed to create different visual states. At times it can look rough, hard and tough at others it can appear tender, soft and flexible.


Whilst the intentions in my work remain constant, change occurs as I respond to each piece as it comes out of the kiln. This arises again and again and this sense of ‘change’ prompts new ideas and is the driving force behind my work.






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